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What’s in a name? Sit down, get comfortable and let me tell you what’s in OUR name.

In July 2007 I had a conversation with a friend who suggested that I go into business for myself and we could share an office space. After a few key conversations and a little prayer, Listening for Life, LLC was born. I saw my first patient on October 1, 2007. If you know me and you know that my area of specialty is working with individuals with hearing loss to use their cochlear implants or hearing aids to listen and to speak, then you understand why my clinic was named Listening for Life. At that time I was only taking patients who had been diagnosed with hearing loss.

After a couple of years Kelly Domiano came into my life and I knew I had to hire my first employee. She was fresh out of school and needed full time. We opened up our patient base to accept anyone who had speech and language difficulties, regardless of their diagnosis. This required a company name change. I wanted people to know we were a speech therapy clinic if they found us on Google, so we became The Chesney Center for Speech, Language & Listening, LLC. Let me tell you, that name will not fit on any line!

As those patients started coming in, we soon began to realize that often these children needed OT & PT as well as Speech. So in 2014 we added PT and began our long search for an OT. Adding these services required yet another name change! This time, however, it had to be a name that would stand the test of time and cover a multitude of services. This brought me to the name we have today: Chesney Center Therapies, LLC.

I tell people often that, while I do love seeing my name on the front of the building or anywhere in print, this is not about that at all. This is my husband’s name, and for me, this name originates with Dr. Perry and Van Chesney, my precious wonderful in-laws. From the day Patrick brought me home to meet his parents for the very first time, they welcomed me into their family with open arms. And then they did the same with my sister and my parents. We all felt like we were Chesneys! Van & Dr. Perry took us in and made us part of a family bigger than our own. Just like that.

When people have to call our clinic, it is because there is something wrong with someone that they love. That is hard! It is so important to me that when someone steps through our doors or calls our office, I want them to feel the same thing I did when I stepped through the doors of Patrick’s home for the first time to meet his parents…like they have just stepped into and become part of a bigger family. Whether you are an employee, a patient, a family member or friend of a patient, or anyone besides a solicitor, I want you to feel welcome and loved.

Being part of a family sometimes means having hard conversations. We have hard conversations here when we need to. Many times it means celebrating with each other! It also means walking with each other on a journey. That’s what I want here. Come be part of our family here at Chesney Center Therapies and let us walk with you and be part of your journey!

About Us


Chesney Center Therapies is currently the only clinic in Louisiana with Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapists trained to work with families of children and adults who are deaf/HOH, wear hearing technology, and choose Listening and Spoken Language as their preferred mode of communication.  Call today to schedule an appointment!

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